• Type and Duration

    • Group course
    • 1 day
    • From 10:00 to 14:00
  • Professor

    • Ivano Natale
  • Who is it aimed at?

    • Preparation level: from beginner to expert

The course program:

1. History of Tattoo in Black and Grey:

  • Introduction to the origins and history of tattooing in Black and Grey.
  • Pioneering artists and their impact on tattoo art.

2. Transition from color to Black and Grey:

  • How to switch from color images to black and white.
  • Focus on the nuances, details and peculiarities of this style.

3. Choice of images:

  • Criteria for selecting suitable images.
  • Importance of contrast and depth in Black and Grey.

4. Composition:

  • Fundamentals of composition in a tattoo.
  • Importance between balance, flow and design in tattoo art.

5. Tools: needles, ink and machines:

  • Black and Gray Tattoo Essential Tools Overview.
  • Practical tips and tricks to get the best results.

6. Technical notions on tattoo making:

  • Detailed steps to create high-quality Black and Gray tattoos.
  • Advanced techniques and tips to improve precision and definition.

7. Masterclass video extracts:

  • Selected clips from the Masterclass lessons, where Ivano Natale demonstrates his techniques in real time.
  • Each video is accompanied by detailed explanations to facilitate learning.

8. Questions and Answers:

  • Space dedicated to students to ask specific questions regarding the lessons.
  • Opportunity to delve deeper and clarify any doubts or curiosities.

Choose the teacher

  • Refreshment

    During the course, breaks will be offered where students can enjoy snacks and drinks. This serves not only to keep the energy high, but also to encourage moments of socialization between the participants.

  • Material for notes

    Each student will be provided with a welcome box containing the material needed to take notes during lessons. This ensures that everyone can jot down important insights, techniques, and tips without worrying about bringing their own materials.

  • Certificate of attendance

    At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate of participation, confirming the skills acquired and the commitment demonstrated


Frequent questions

What is the difference between the "One Day Exclusive" and "Exclusive Pro" courses?

The "One Day Exclusive" course is designed for both beginners and professionals, offering a personalized path to develop tattoo skills. “Exclusive Pro” is an advanced two-day course that aims to combine theory and practice for professional artists looking to further enhance their skills.

What will I learn in the "WLL" path?

The "WLL" path is a 4-hour theoretical seminar led by Ivano Natale, suitable for everyone, regardless of experience level. This course starts from the basics of tattooing, covering all the fundamental aspects up to putting the techniques into practice. Designed to provide a solid theoretical understanding, the workshop is ideal for those who want to learn or strengthen their knowledge of black and gray tattoo techniques.

Can I sign up for courses if I am a complete beginner?

If you are an absolute beginner in the field of tattooing, the most suitable course for you offered by the Ivano Natale Tattoo Academy is the "WLL Path" This course is specifically designed for those who are starting from scratch in the world of tattooing and wish to learn the art of the black and gray tattoo.

How can I register for courses?

To enroll in the courses offered by Ivano Natale Tattoo Academy, you have the option of making the purchase directly on the website. If you prefer a more direct approach or need personalized assistance, you can also contact us directly via WhatsApp.

Can I pay for tattoo courses in installments?

Yes, we offer the possibility of paying for courses in installments to make our training even more flexible and accessible. Thanks to the collaboration with Alma, you can now choose to pay for your course in up to 4 convenient instalments. This option is available on-site and online at checkout, where you can select Alma as your payment method and view the installment details. This payment method is designed to help you better manage your budget without sacrificing the quality of your training in the world of tattooing.

Is there a certificate at the end of the courses?

Yes, at the end of the courses, students will receive a certificate certifying participation and completion of the course, recognizing the skills and knowledge acquired.