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Ivano Natale Tattoo Academy

Percorso W.L.L. Level 1

Percorso W.L.L. Level 1

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*La caparra non è rimborsabile, neanche in casi eccezionali.

The W.L.L. course delves into the art of black and grey tattooing, combining theory and practical examples. Led by Ivano Natale, this program offers comprehensive training in an interactive format, preparing students to master this art with confidence. The W.L.L. Pathway is a course that provides in-depth training on Black and Grey style tattooing.

Here's a summary of the lessons:

W.L.L. Course on Black and Grey Tattooing

Led by Ivano Natale, this course offers an in-depth exploration of the art of black and grey tattooing, blending theory and practical examples.

Course Lessons:

  1. History of Black and Grey Tattooing:
    • Introduction to the origins and history of Black and Grey tattooing.
    • Pioneer artists and their impact in the tattoo art.
  2. Transition from Color to Black and Grey:
    • Transitioning from color images to black and white.
    • Focus on nuances, details, and peculiarities of this style.
  3. Image Selection:
    • Criteria for selecting suitable images.
    • Importance of contrast and depth in Black and Grey.
  4. Composition:
    • Fundamentals of composition in a tattoo.
    • Importance of balance, flow, and design in tattoo art.
  5. Tools: Needles, Ink, and Machines:
    • Overview of essential tools for Black and Grey tattooing.
    • Tips and tricks from professionals for the best results.
  6. Technical Knowledge on Tattoo Execution:
    • Detailed steps for high-quality Black and Grey tattoos.
    • Advanced techniques and tips for precision and definition.
  7. Video Excerpts from Masterclass:
    • Selected clips from Masterclass lessons demonstrating real-time techniques.
    • Each video accompanied by detailed explanations for easy learning.
  8. Questions and Answers:
    • Space for students to ask lesson-specific questions.
    • Opportunity for in-depth clarification and discussion.
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